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3 tips for tree pruning with a telescopic ladder

The extension ladder is designed to help you reach higher places. This type of ladder retracts when not in use for easy storage.

When the telescopic tree trimmer cannot be reached, an extension ladder may be the answer. Here are some tips to make it easier to trim trees with extension ladders.

1. Set up a ladder

When you set up a ladder for pruning trees, you need to make sure to tilt it. This will prevent the ladder from falling backwards. Also, make sure you always stand at least two steps away from the highest point to make it easier to maintain your balance.

Before you climb the ladder, make sure to adjust it to ensure that the ladder is in a stable position. You want your legs to be on solid ground, and you want the ladder to be close to the branch you plan to trim.

2. Someone helps you

Someone helping you use the ladder would be of great help. They can hold on to the ladder and help maintain stability, which will give you the confidence you need to get the job done. It is best to have someone help you when using a telescopic ladder to trim trees.


3. Climbing and pruning

When you climb the ladder, make sure you climb up slowly. Before moving the bottom foot to climb to the next rung, place your upper foot firmly on the rung of the ladder.

If the branches you need to trim are not easily accessible, use a tree trimmer. Do not lean out of the ladder, as this can be very dangerous.

Pruning trees can be a daunting task. When you have the right tools, it becomes easier. If the telescopic pruning machine is not reachable, please use a telescopic ladder to provide you with a suitable base for trimming tall trees.

Perhaps the biggest cause of ladder accidents when pruning trees, choosing the wrong ladder is full of disasters. For example, telescopic ladders are not suitable for pruning trees because they require you to lean them against the tree.

Make sure you are using an A-type ladder or similar, and you don’t need to lean against a tree.

Ladder accidents occurred because of failure to comply with ladder safety standards. Every year, hundreds of people are killed in ladder accidents and thousands are injured. Taking the time to review how to use ladders correctly is a good way to ensure that you will not become one of the ladder accidents this year.

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