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Best Ladder Accessories of 2022

Have you ever found yourself at the top of a ladder trying to hold multiple tools and try to maintain your balance? I have created a list of top ladder accessories that makes you think, ‘Ah…why didn’t I get these earlier?

1. Ladder mat non-slip rubber safety mat

The mat provides a perfect horizontal surface and grip, and can work anywhere and on any surface. (Even if you are outdoors on uneven terrain or on smooth tiled surfaces.)

These mats are especially useful when you use the ladder yourself. Ideally, you should always have someone standing at the bottom of the ladder to support it. However, if this is not an option, then these mats are a reassuring substitute for no grip or safety.

They can be used on any surface and do not take up much space, so they can be placed anywhere in your car or van.

Multifunctional ladders are more suitable for yard work

2. Universal ladder platform/utility tool rack

This is a very useful gadget. When decorating or working, how many times have you found yourself balancing on one step of a ladder for a long time? The platform is suitable for any step ladder, which means you can relax your calves a little bit instead of just standing on the sole of the foot on the ladder step.

The platform creates a solid surface for you to stand on-giving you more balance and overall less body tension.

It can also double as a useful shelf! It seems a bit awkward to use, maybe it’s best to watch a video on how to use this ladder platform and try to use it.

3. Tripod ladder to protect rubber feet

In many cases, the ladder does not contain protective rubber feet, and it is usually cheaper to buy it separately than with the ladder.

If your tripod has only been used on grass, then you may not need these ladder feet. However, if you are going to use a tripod ladder on any other surface (such as concrete, slab, floor, or tile), you definitely need to protect the floor from the sharp feet of the ladder (for grasping).

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