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Eight great uses for old ladders

Your old ladder doesn’t need to be indoors – we’ve come across many innovative uses for it outside – here are our favorites.

1. Indoor Uses

We totally understand that it has to be the “right ladder” for indoor use, and whether you live in an apartment or have a spacious indoor space, these ideas may inspire you.

A pair of matching standard issue metal ladders would make a great bookcase – perfect for a teenage bedroom or modern living area …… You only need a few planks to slide over the steps and you’re done – -The overhanging taller planks provide a stylish bookcase or area to display gadgets, vases, etc.

2. Remember kitchens from long ago when there was no wasted space? Hanging horizontally along the kitchen ceiling is an old wooden ladder, where there’s a cute pot rack that harkens back to the past – and if you’re very.

3. DIY savvy, you can make a linen area that can be lowered and then raise the linen area to allow clothes to dry indoors without taking up valuable living space.

A single step ladder with wooden boards is great for extra storage anywhere in the home – how about the bathroom? This would be a great place to store extra towels and toiletries.

4. Wooden ladders can be cut to size and used as towel rack for a second time, perfect for places where space is limited, such as a downstairs bathroom or shower room.

5. An old wooden ladder can add a lovely touch to a guest room, and can be used to hang spare blankets, or as a nightstand, or even a dresser – a mirror on the back of the bedroom or on the top wall for cosmetics, hair brushes, etc. A taller step ladder will add some vintage chic to your home.

Eight great uses for old ladders
Outdoor Ideas

If you have a large garden, the opportunities are endless – even a small backyard with a fence can provide a wonderful use for a discarded ladder! Continue reading our outdoor ideas at ……

6. A high aluminum ladder can be used for a potting station –

Instead of making all your potted plants in the greenhouse, take your plants to where they need to be–

Save yourself the drudgery by working at a level that suits you. By simply sliding a few.

Boards slid into place, and you have the perfect potting work area.

You can even display small bathtubs and decorative pieces on lower,shelves to display small tubs and decorative plants.

7. An old wide ladder looks great for displaying potted plants in the summer.

8. You can fix the old ladder on the wall and use it as a plant grid.

Connect 2 or 3 of them and you can have a whole side of beautiful climbers such as wisteria – this would be the ideal solution for small backyard sunspots where there are very small gardens – this will create the maximum effect and create a beautiful backdrop for a table and chair set in which you can enjoy afternoon tea with friends.

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