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Four Factors That Contribute To Ladder Accidents

The main ladder accident happened so quickly that it seemed unexpected at first glance. Although abnormal accidents can and do occur, most ladder-related injuries are completely preventable.

The following are the four main causes of ladder accidents:

1. The ladder is too heavy

In some service industries, nearly half of ladder-related injuries are strains and sprains caused by operating heavy ladders. Some workers use 28-foot-long telescopic ladders weighing more than 70 pounds for 8-12 visits a day. The solution to this problem is to use a lighter ladder.

2. Wrong job ladder

Usually, the correct ladder is too heavy, so workers will choose the shorter wrong ladder. If I could choose to carry a 4-foot stepladder or an 8-foot stepladder, I might carry a 4-foot stepladder and try to get the job done by climbing the top step or cover of the ladder. The main solution to this problem is to get a higher ladder. The second solution is to remove the top rail, because its sole purpose is to put a sticker telling the operator not to stand there.

Four factors that contribute to ladder accidents

3. Level the ladder

When facing uneven ground, many people use bricks and boards to level the ladder. Fortunately, there are better solutions. Some companies have added a built-in leveling device to the actual ladder.

4. Over-reaching

Incorrect leveling and out-of-range are the main causes of overturning accidents, causing thousands of people to be disabled and hundreds of deaths every year. Workers have been trained to keep their bodies between the side rails of the ladder, but this is not 100% of the time. Adding outriggers to the bottom of the extension ladder will increase the footprint of the ladder and prevent injuries. If the climber cannot get out of the ladder’s footsteps, the ladder will not tip over. The outriggers also help level the ground.

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