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How Ladders Should Be Stored Correctly

Ladder storage is essential to keep the ladder in good condition. When you choose to store an extension ladder or type A ladder incorrectly, it may be damaged and become unsafe.

Even if the ladder is not damaged today, it may eventually become damaged over time. Proper ladder storage will help ensure that your ladders last longer and stay in good working condition.

1. Don’t put the ladder outside

If the ladder is stored outdoors, especially wooden ladders, these elements may cause damage or wear faster. If ladders are often placed outside, even ladders designed to withstand moisture may be damaged.

2. Avoid storing ladders in high humidity areas

Moisture can cause corrosion and rust. It will cause damage and the ladder will not last for a long time. Type A ladders and extension ladders should be stored in areas without a lot of moisture.

Although the garage seems to be the best place to store your ladders, it may not be if you live in a hot and humid climate. However, adding a dehumidifier can help make your garage a better area for storing ladders.

A quick guide to choosing and using ladders

3. Make sure the ladder is safe

When hanging a ladder in a garage, basement or shed, be sure to use hooks or fasteners to ensure that the ladder is firm. If it is stored off the ground, it should be like this, you have to make sure that the ladder does not fall and hurt people.

4. Don’t turn your ladder into a shelf

Once the ladder is hung on the wall of the garage, it is easy to put other things on the ladder. Do not do this. This is a ladder, not a shelving unit, and putting other things on it may cause dangerous situations.

Proper ladder storage should protect the ladder from damage and weather. It should also ensure that the ladder is safe and will not harm people passing by.

Take care of the ladder

The ladder is not difficult to manage. Make sure that the ladder is properly stored on a horizontal shelf. Do not hang ladders on ladders or lintels, as this will damage them. You also need to check the ladder before using it and handle it carefully to prevent it from falling or being damaged.

Use these tips to properly choose, use, and maintain your new ladder.

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