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Introduction to telescopic ladders

As with any type of ladder, if you purchase an EN131 certified ladder, it is likely to be very safe as long as you use it in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. No risk should be taken when using these types of ladders and they should be stored and maintained properly to maintain their safety and effectiveness.

1. What do I need to know before I buy a telescopic ladder?


Not all telescopic ladders work in exactly the same way, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the different types to find the right one for your needs and make sure you read all the instructions that come with your new ladder. When you open, extend or close a telescopic ladder, be careful not to move too fast as this can damage the mechanism and compromise the safety of the ladder.

Before stepping on the ladder, make sure the ladder is at the correct angle and that your feet are resting steadily on a solid surface. It is also important that you do not try to lock the mechanism while it is in use.

Maintenance and Storage

The telescopic ladder should always be kept in a clean, dry location, away from inclement weather, and the location should also be away from anything that could fall onto the ladder. In terms of cleaning, periodic wiping with a clean, dry cloth is usually all that is required. Unless the instructions state otherwise, moisture on the ladder should always be avoided, as it can negatively affect the mechanism.

Introduction To Telescopic Ladders
2. How to use the telescopic ladder

To safely extend the telescopic ladder, follow these steps.

Remove the straps that will retract the ladder to hold it in place.

Place the ladder upright and ready for use.

To hold the ladder firmly in place, step on the bottom rung.

Remove the top rung connector with both hands.

Before starting to extend the next rung, pull each rung to its fully extended position and check that the locking mechanism is in place.

Continue in this manner for several steps until the desired height is reached.

The fourth rung down from the top is the highest rung you should step on when using any extension ladder.

There are a few things you should avoid when using an extension ladder. First, you should not try to adjust the rungs while using the ladder, as this can break the ladder’s locking mechanism.

Also, make sure the ladder is placed on a clean floor, and finally, do not try to increase the height of the ladder by placing objects underneath it. Taking these steps when using a telescoping ladder will help you avoid risks and maximize and maximize the safety of your use of the ladder.

Retract the ladder

After using a telescoping ladder, you will need to fold it up for storage. You should be equally careful when setting up your ladder. The most common safety measure when retracting a telescopic ladder is to avoid placing your hands between the rungs.

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